• Sexy Dramatic

  • Natural w/ a touch of sexy

  • Natural and sweet

  • Not Sure, I would probably like to see examples of these


  • Big loose Curls

  • Sleek and straight

  • I will style it myself

How Revealing would you want your portraits to be?

  • Little skin, off the shoulder and some cleavage

  • Implied nudes, a lot of skin (bra, undergarments or bedroom wear)

  • Tastefully topless

  • Some full nudes * As the photographer I do reserve the right to not produce images that are not in line with the direction of my portfolio or the work I wish to produce.


In regards to the studio and our scenes What it the feel or mood you would most identify with

  • Sexy Diva

  • Free Boho/ Modern Hippie

  • City Chic

  • Outdoor Beauty

Tell me about the outfits you see for your shoot?

  • Sexy lingerie

  • Street Clothes- undressing

  • Wedding dress and veil

  • Mostly props like sheets, pillows

What features about yourself are you proud of?

What features about yourself would you like to minimize or downplay?

What kind of theme would you like to see?

You can select two  we can work them into our plan

  • Vintage

  • Soft light

  • Dark Deep sexy shadows

  • On a back drop/ studio style pin up look

Here is an idea list of props you can consider

  • Sexy Heels

  • Necklaces

  • Work or military uniform

  • Guitar

  • Cowboy hat

  • Motocross gear

  • Boxing gloves

  • His favorite team jersey

When you are thinking about a boudoir session you often wonder about where to start. Here are things we will discuss and will be part of our planning of your perfect dream session!

​Boudoir and Beyond

​​ Jessica L. Cobb boudoir  Photography